About Us



Jomthai Asahi Co.,Ltd. was previously known as “JOMTHAI AUTO – PART” registered on 29 August 1984 it set off as a small company but has proudly kept on growing and improving. Presently, the company is a manufacturer of motorcycle parts, namely sprockets and chains. Paying attention to full details ensures high quality and our products have been recognized by local and international markets, under the brand of “RISING SUN”.

The factory is located at 18/9 Suvintawong Road, Lumpakchee district, Nongjok, Bangkok 10530, with an area of 89600 SQM, comprising 1200 SQM for office, 30,000 SQM for production lines, 6400 SQM for storage and 52,000 SQM for others. The company has a registered capital of 100 million baht and more than 600 employees.

For over 30 years of growth as a key player in the motorcycle part manufacturing, we are committed to continuous product development at reasonable pricing. We regard maintaining and improving product quality a key success factor in ensuring safety to all customers.